Asia Pacific Journal of Business and Finance (APJBF)

Educational Journal for educational researchers and institution within a business discipline

Asia Pacific Journal of Business & Finance is an international journal that promotes quantitative and qualitative research in business.
The journal encourages research in the field of business and seeks to promote knowledge of business in its broadest (e.g., organizational, financial, social and educational) sense.
APJBF welcomes submissions of original papers, whether by content empirical, conceptual, or adding comment to other published papers.
The following list of topics is indicative only, and not intended to limit the scope of potential submissions.

Submissions are therefore not necessarily restricted to the topics listed below.

  • Organization, management and internal control
  • Accountability, transition and organizational change
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Finance
  • Accounting for Small to Medium Size Enterprises and Entrepreneurship
  • Performance management and accounting metrics
  • Finance and probabilities
  • The behavioural effects in organisational decision-making
  • Not-for- profit accounting and management
  • Taxation
  • Management and accounting for sustainability and the environment
  • Cultural and historical issues applicable to business
  • Business and finance in developing countries and emerging  economies
  • Submissions are also welcome covering other topics that apply to business or finance.